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The Job Hunting Tip You Probably Haven’t Heard

In a job search, there’s a lot riding on your smile. Lot’s of people say that they notice a person’s smile first. Over the years, research on social interaction has shown that people who have a great smile are perceived to be friendlier, more reliable, more approachable, more attractive and more sincere than those who don’t. Researchers also say that smiling releases endorphins; and according to research reported by the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Washington, “feedback from facial expression affects emotional expression and behavior”. Smiling will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in the interview, which will then help you put your best foot forward. Wow!

Knowing that smiling is so important, before you start a job search, check out your smile. In a short time period, you can’t do much about orthodontic problems, but you can make your teeth whiter and start treating gum problems that may make them appear inflamed. The best teeth whitening method is done by your dentist, and there are several cost-effective treatment alternatives available these days.

First, of course, you can just get them cleaned. A tooth cleaning is part of basic dental maintenance, so it’s good for you as well as being beneficial to your job search. Then, if you need to go further, there are several teeth whitening methods, both in and out of your dentist’s office. Your dentist can use whitening products, often in conjunction with heat, light or a laser. These are effective, but can be expensive if you need several treatments.

If you’re on a tight budget during your job search, you may want to check out other alternatives, including: 1. Bleaching done by your dentist in the office 2. Self-applied bleaches using trays under your dentist’s supervision 3. For those on a really tight budget, over-the-counter bleach trays, gels, strips, or bleaching tooth pastesare effective.

How far you are willing and able to go depends on the condition of your teeth, your time, and your budget. The most long-lasting methods for people with serious tooth discoloration will be the most expensive, but it will really pay off in enhancing your smile.

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