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Do I Have To Floss All My Teeth?

Unfortunately, brushing alone doesn’t remove all the bacteria. Everyone has little nooks and crannies between and around the teeth and gums where bacteria can hide, and if it stays there, it has the opportunity harden inside the tarter that can only be removed by the dentist. The bacteria can produce toxins that stay between the teeth and infect the gums.

Gum disease begins with bacteria, becomes gingivitis and eventually develops into a more serious gum infection called periodontitis. Left unchecked, a failure to floss can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, serious infections, and even bone loss.

Most dentists recommend coated dental floss so it doesn’t shread and will glide smoothly between your teeth, even if they are tight. And there are new electric flossers, sometimes called interdent cleaners, that can do the trick as well.

So next time you’re wondering about which teeth to floss, think about which teeth you want to keep!

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