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Dental Implants

Dental Implants
A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth replacement. A single tooth or all can be replaced.

• It gives self-confidence
• It helps chewing
• It improves the digesting and nutrition process

Who is this procedure for?
Those who have lost one or more teeth

What happens before the procedure?
Before any procedure is done, a visit is paid either to a dental specialist called a prosthodontist or a general dentist who has significant experience in implants. During these initial appointments, impressions are taken; dental history is analyzed so that the necessary type of implant is chosen. Before the implant, a temporary denture can be applied if the dentist thinks it is necessary or helpful.

What happens during the procedure?
A complete implant process may take up to seven months to end successfully. Two series of surgery are normally needed. The first one is for placing the implants in the jawbone and the second one is for exposing the tops of the implant. More recently, one-stage process is used, but the risk of not having success is higher. Placing the implants in the bone during the first surgery is made by means of an incision in the gum. The surgeon waits for two or three months before moving on to the second surgery. During this stage, another incision is made, this time to expose the tops of the implants. After that, a healing collar is placed on the head of each implant and it rests there for about two weeks. Afterwards, the dentist will adjust the denture if necessary, and replace the healing collar with a regular one.

What happens after the procedure?
After the surgery, pressure should not be put on the implants for some time until they are completely fixed.

Dental Implants
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